Naked At Home - 2014 / 2018

For people who like to be naked in the house...Please insert your home photos.....ONLY PHOTOS AT HOME...

Naked when my family is gone

I slip out of my clothes when my family is gone. I love having the house to myself for this one reason

winter blues

I looking forward to the days a head when I can step out to the great out doors. Letting the warm of the sun on the cold body of winter melt away. Am nude in my home most of the long winter but with the sun out and still 90inch of snow on the ground....

This morning :)

One I took in my room this morning:)

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by baresava 
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Hello, I have now a Instagram profile for my other passions photography and videography. So if you like do see my life and see beautiful pictures and videos...... FOLLOW - - - - - -] @danipl81

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Watchin nascar nude be fun to watch with a friend near me naked

Anyone in Bloomington MN this week? Couple

Anyone in Bloomington MN this week? Couple

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Las Vegas in August

Greetings, I will be in Las Vegas Aug 5-11 for a conference. though three of those days I will be busy in classes getting come CE's done. But will be open for any meeting up with someone on August 5 or 6th. The 7, 8, & 9 I will be in class from 8...

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Rooftop Nudity

Hi, I have a flat roof on my house and I occasionally go up there to lay naked in the sun since the winter sun doesnt reach much of my back yard. Theres a 1 foot high lip around the roof, and certain parts of the lip are higher. If Im sitting...

Nude by my pool

I love sitting by my pool at home. I live near Orlando, fl so my pool is open year round.I go out my sliders to my pool deck and never have to put anything on.

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