Naked At Home - 2014 / 2018

For people who like to be naked in the house...Please insert your home photos.....ONLY PHOTOS AT HOME...

what about the windows

I have a question! How many home nudists do so with all their blinds and curtains closed? I do understand the necessity to not upset the neighbors,Now MY situation, I live in a single floor apartment complex of 1 bedroom and efficiency apartments. I...

Las Vegas in August

Greetings, I will be in Las Vegas Aug 5-11 for a conference. though three of those days I will be busy in classes getting come CE's done. But will be open for any meeting up with someone on August 5 or 6th. The 7, 8, & 9 I will be in class from 8...

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Rooftop Nudity

Hi, I have a flat roof on my house and I occasionally go up there to lay naked in the sun since the winter sun doesnt reach much of my back yard. Theres a 1 foot high lip around the roof, and certain parts of the lip are higher. If Im sitting...

Nude by my pool

I love sitting by my pool at home. I live near Orlando, fl so my pool is open year round.I go out my sliders to my pool deck and never have to put anything on.

Socialize in the buff . . . in or near...

I'd love to meet a lady or a gent or a couple who prefer to socialize in their home, my apt or out of doors (if anyone knows of a secluded, safe place to do so.) Just socialize . . . no sex pleasures . . . merely folks who like discussing (like...

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naked at home in northern il.

looking for like minded people in the northern il. area and southern part of Wisconsin to hang out naked.

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Sneaking out.

Today was one of these warm autumn days where I could be nude out doors and the first time sense the new pair of 6' X 6' doors i had made had been put up to help keep the dog in the garden and make it more private as well. One of the jobs I...

Summer time

Summer is almost over here in Pennsylvania will be stuck nude indoors till spring

Challenges and rewards of being nude at home

Anyone like to expand on the subject? The chat area sems to major on "how are you and the weather and Good Morning and good afternoon. Very little chat about the why's and the wrerefore's of being nude at home. My rewards are the weight...

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