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For people who like to be naked in the house...

Visitors and staying nude

So just curious, when i have friends over they know I'm a nudist and I will be naked if they come over. I ask that they disrobe if comfortable but I will remain nude. Anyone else the same. if so any issues? So far close to 100 percent who have...

At the cabin

Wife and I are at the cabin in the woods for four days. Got things arranged and dropped the cloths. Not putting them back on until we head home. Visitors get the nude couple with a glass of wine in hand.

Naked cleaning

Feeling free today, empty house wife working nobody coming for dinner, so lets get some clean done yes you guessed I'm naked anybody on TN like to clean naked. Probably a silly question lol.

Skinny Dipping

I cant wait for weather to warm up. Thats my all over tan.

Naked Remodel

This morning i was off of work and the kids are at the last day of school. My wife is not a nudist, but knows I like to be naked whenever I can. She was switching kids rooms up and that meant taking apart beds and putting them back together. She was...

Views about total nudism

Hello All. I have been a home nudist (and social one) for many years. Decades in fact. These days I am mostly the Home nudist as time available and distance to travel to public places is difficult to get to resorts, beaches etc. Home nudism works...

Nudist in Nova Scotia meetup ?

In Nova Scotia .. Haven't seen to many Canadians on here .. just wondering if any around ?

Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware

Are there any nudist from the Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware area that want to plan a meet up? Seems like everyone is either from NY or out west

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Naked at Home in CT

Greetings naked buddies of CT! Who is home and hanging?? I'd love to host or attend nude social gatherings at home. Contact me here or skype at the same user name! Cheers