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For people who like to be naked in the house...

Looking for nudist friends

Greetings to everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, I am 58 years old, I am divorced and nudist (for now only at home). I feel happy when I'm naked. This site was an opportunity to share my nudity with other people. I have (unfortunately) a genetic...

Answering the Door

I was surprised to find that a search in this group didn't seem to have this topic in discussions - so I am starting it with some events from this week. On Wednesday one of my wife' friends from a charity group that she joined came round...

How Were You Introduced to Nudism?

When was your first official platonic nudist experience (not as a high or college athlete in the shower)? I didn't participate in sports in junior high/high school/university. I didn't categorize myself as a nudist when I was sleeping nude...

[NYC] Recreating Safe Social Nudism Network

I'd like to recreate or create anew, a small, Covid-safe local network of platonic male nudists in the metro NYC area. We are all experiencing cabin fever, so let's SAFELY do something about it: Friday night Netflix and Chill (a maximum of...

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From France

Hello i love to be nude at home

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Naked Time at Home

Hello from New Jersey! I love being naked at home especially when my family isnt home with me. I always doing different chores like washing dishes, play Nintendo games, and sleeping naked because its more comfortable and stress free to do those...

What you like best about being nude at home

It's relaxing and comfortable. I feel best and happiest when im naked. for me it's a whole new kind of freedom and independence. I'm not claustrophobic but I take my clothes off and I can breathe again. Suddenly it's a whole new...

WhatsApp Naturiest group

Plz share admin group so one can connect ...explore more friends

Looking nudist friends

Hi everyone, I'm Andrea from Italy, 57 years old, divorced. I am looking for friends (women, couples, men) to talk to. I consider being naked a natural fact, I am not ashamed to be seen completely naked. I am not attractive, I know, but I am...