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For people who like to be naked in the house...

Your realization

When I was 11 I got to stay home alone and I started walking around naked all the time when my mom saw me she said i was always nude growing up still nude today. How old were you when you realized you were a nudist

NYC - Spring Daytime Co-working & Coffee...

I miss the days of reading, writing, and working from coffee shops or the public library a few days a week. How might we remedy this dilemma if you're in the same boat? Where are the other LOCAL or LOCALS in New York City ONLY? I'm looking...

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Answering the Door

I was surprised to find that a search in this group didn't seem to have this topic in discussions - so I am starting it with some events from this week. On Wednesday one of my wife' friends from a charity group that she joined came round...

Hello guys

Hello how you doing hope youre good dear nice meeting you on here hopefully we can chat more on hangout Or text me (501) 397-3957

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Available for hookup

Would be nice to find someone here who shares my interest

Winter Dilemma

For everyone at home during the colder winter months, what do you do if you start getting cold? Clothes are a last resort, and an almost non-option, really. So what do you all do? Turn up the heat? Grab a blanket? I'm curious how you stay warm!

Taking clothes off

I have read several posts the members strip the moment they walk in the door. I guess I am a little different. I take my clothes off put them in the hamper and then take a shower. After my shower, I will stay nude unless have to go out again. When...

Working from home

With so many people forced to work from home, I'm sure there's a lot more at home nudity happening. This is the wardrobe I've been working in for the past two weeks.

how long do you have to be home for to strip...

How long? If you are home over a lunch hour do you dine nude or keep your clothes on? What is the minimum length of time that you need to plan on being home for you to get naked while there? For me during the summer months since normally the only...

From France

Hello i love to be nude at home