Naked At Home - 2014 / 2021 -

For people who like to be naked in the house...

My Daughter, S-I-L, and her child has moved in with us while searching for a home of their own. This has defiantly been an adjustment for us all. Warmer weather is soon approaching. Having them back in the area is nice, but.----

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RE:Gotta vent

The only people I'm willing to wear clothing for are my children. But none of them are living with me. They are all well enough off financially that they would have no need to move in with dad.But, if it were to happen, I think it would go something like this:You know I'm a nudist. Yes, I've been willing to wear clothing when you have come to visit for a few days, but now you want to come live with me. I'm ok with that, but I will not be wearing clothing.

I do wear shorts or a towel when I am doing a planned activity with our son who lives here. Since he has a computer, TV and Minifridge in his room and his own bathroom next to it, he doesn't spend all that much time with us. If I am nude for a chance encounter or if he sees me on the deck or in the pool, I don't care.
I am more careful if his son is visiting. Since we are the non-custodial side of the family, I don't want to cause problems.

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RE:Gotta vent

I understand about the custody thing. Have to be flexible.

Reminds me of when I had a guy renting a room. Years ago. Different, much bigger, house. Essentially two houses - one on top of the other. My kids were all visiting family. My wife had already died. Just me upstairs and him downstairs. I did not wear clothing for his sake. He never made any comment about the fact that I was nude.

His two young children would visit every other weekend. They didnt understand boundaries and I didnt care. They would come up to my part of the house without asking or warning. Again, I didnt care. Their dad knew I was nude. Apparently he didnt care either. They never even seemed to notice I was nude. They never saw me with clothing on.

I had a big Jacuzzi tub in the hall bath. They would come up with swimsuits on and ask whether they could play in the tub. Id get it set up and add some dishwashing liquid for bubbles and theyd have a blast. Mountain of suds.

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