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For people who like to be naked in the house...

Winnipeg MB Mature Male Seeks Female...

I live alone here in Winnipeg, Manitoba and would welcome meeting any women in their mid fifties to late 60's for companionship that enjoy intelligent conversation , a good meal, music, movies, reading, a glass of wine and sunbathing on a...

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People "dropping by"

I have some fairly secluded property; I can be nude in front or back yards without worry of neighbors seeing me. When friends visit, its usually with notice, so I can decide whether to cover up or not before they arrive. So that leaves unannounced...

House Guest

So my girlfriend grandmother recently moved in with us and now I'm refined to be naked my bed and bath rooms only. Anyone else ever had to cover up in the one place where where you're free?

Nude family. Open minded

I grew up in a family not wanting to be nude. Im interested in families who are naked at home now with their kids or grew up in a nude family. Message me on kik at theater8 to chat. Very openminded

Nude friends in Las Vegas

I live in Las Vegas and am new to naturism/nudism. Can anyone make any suggestions on places to go or new friends in the area? My wife isnt quite ready for the experience so a good number of resorts are out of the question. FYI I am disabled and...

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home nudist when wife is out

I can only be naked when wife is out as she does not approve. I would love to meet like minded people locally but seem to be unable to I keep hoping. Its a lovely feeling being naked I only wish my wife could be of the same opinion. Love the TN site...

Only Place

Home is the only place I can be nude. Even then I am confined to my personal spaces, or late at night.

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Instagram self-love project!

Instagram self-love project! You are all invited to check @anakedjourney on Instagram! A project about nudity, self-love and body acceptance. It's full of diversity and amazing posts!

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Nude out of season

Mid 60s and sunny in NJ today. Enjoying a rare chance to be nude on the deck in January.