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For people who like to be naked in the house...

Welcome to Belgrade, Serbia!

Hello nudist community all around the world! I wish you a happy new year! Also, I like to announce that starting mid january throughout whole 2020 I can host nudist visitors visiting Belgrade in my modest apartment. Feel free to DM me with whatsapp...

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New here

Hey everyone I like to get new friends if anyone like to get know me message me

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I imagine this lifestyle would conflict with fostering a child? Does anyone have any first hand knowledge on this subject?

Anybody agree with my opinion, feel free to...

Spend your life with comfortable, loyal and maintain the social ethics, do not harm or hurt anyone and anything, help to create beautiful word for present and for living beings in future..

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Middle Tennessee - Northen Alabama

I stay naked in my apartment here in Columbia, TN 24/7 ...looking for other home nudist ..I do like to hike naked in our State parks and any where that I feel good about. Care to join me in person or cam?

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Get a visitor without knowing there coming

Hi I'm John , I was home nude as usual and I was making a tea for my wife and myself, so I was happy and whistling to myself when my mother in law come round for a cuppa . I didn't know she had come in so she sat down as my wife was in other...

Too shy to try...

I love being naked, but tbh, i can't define a real nudist: at all. I only use to be naked when home alone (really rarely!) and i find ways to be in some way "caught". Cam is the way i usually use, but it's really difficult finding...

Home Nudist

My love for the nudist life style started at home. Please share your beautiful nudist experiences at home, photos welcomed.

Cold weather blues

Last weeks record low temps in the northeast have made me face the reality that my days of frolicking nude under the sun are over until next spring. For now, I have to be content with being naked at home: Turn up the thermostat and wear a hoodie to...

On a home based nude streak

I got home around 11am on Sunday morning and stripped down. It is now 2 pm on Tuesday and I have not had clothes on the entire time. I am spending my time actively putting out my 2019 edition of the Indoor Christmas Tree Forest. Even had to make a...