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For people who like to be naked in the house...

Home Nudist

My love for the nudist life style started at home. Please share your beautiful nudist experiences at home, photos welcomed.

Cold weather blues

Last weeks record low temps in the northeast have made me face the reality that my days of frolicking nude under the sun are over until next spring. For now, I have to be content with being naked at home: Turn up the thermostat and wear a hoodie to...

On a home based nude streak

I got home around 11am on Sunday morning and stripped down. It is now 2 pm on Tuesday and I have not had clothes on the entire time. I am spending my time actively putting out my 2019 edition of the Indoor Christmas Tree Forest. Even had to make a...

Howdy from Maryland

Howdy - I work in Rockville, MD - anyone near me who is home during the day during the week? Always looking for friends to hang out with Jim

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Nude at Home

I am a old guy and been retired since I was 53 years old and I love to be in the nude even as a teen ager a few guys and myself would go skinny dipping during our holidays a lot. I always sleep in the nude and when I get up, I just stay that way...

Home Nude

Hi male 56 Victoria Australia love been naked at home and when I go camping in warmer weather looking for likewise female to like and chat and join one day if she likes

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Nude in the Yard

Found a semi-blind spot in my yard where I could get naked in the hammock. It is visible from the driveway so I had to keep shorts nearby in case somebody unexpectedly pulled in.

Home office

Love working from home cuz it means nude work day! Just need to be careful not to give it away and have a cam blocker to keep private and a collared shirt at arm's reach for the impromptu meetings. So nice working like this and nobody is the...

At home in the fall/winter

I got through last fall and winter (my first as a full fledged nudist) by wearing an open robe to stay warm but still be naked underneath. Certainly not as good as being completely nude but have to stay warm somehow! However, the other day as I was...

Nude gardiner

I love being naked at home. Now I have moved into a new house I have a garden. It's not very big but a garden is a garden. I've been digging the soil over but it's very hard work and off course I'm doing it naked. How else would you...

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