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For people who like to be naked in the house...


I am a fair weather nudist. I belong to the local nudist club, which is 30 to 45 minute drive away, but only go up there in Spring and Summer when it is warm enough to be naked outside. And even during those times I sometimes get busy and don't...

Nice last few days

The last several days have been quite nice. We have not had a lot going on so I've been able to keep the clothes off just about the entire time except for a couple quick errands. Making it even better is my wife staying nude most of the time as...

Sunday Funday!

Enjoying a nude afternoon at home watching Sunday NFL games. Cant be naked outside around here on this gorgeous late summer day so Im on my three season porch with all the windows and doors open. Everythings better naked!

anyone from South Brazil?

Hey guys! Anyone from South Brasil?

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Nude living in a motor home around the UK

G'day folks, I have a request to find suitable private areas around the UK to park up and enjoy the total freedom of living nude all the time. Any level bit of land, indoor building or even a corner of a car park would be very welcome for a few...

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Just chilling at home

I love my anime and have nudist anime wallpaper (nudism anime isn't easy to find since many are more than than just nudism...). Just chilling at home and enjoying anime shows, chilling. I watch anime, I like anime. I enjoy watching it while in...

Nudist sign in the cave

Hello my TN family, I have a question l have a sign that when you come in to my cave that says "CLOTHING OPTIONAL, FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO SHOW UP NAKED". My house is were my family will be having Christmas this year. My...

Sharm el-Sheikh holiday 06.09.-17.09.

Comming to Sharm el-Sheikh for a 11 days holiday. Snorkeller and amateur dive beginner here. Looking for home nudists to hangout during my stay there, also someone with a car to explore the area (Dahab, Nuweiba, etc) hit me up here on DM or with...

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Naked at home

I am naked 24/7 at home I am in the Cambridge/Bedfordshire area I have a small private non over looked with a 6ft fence all round garden. My garden is a good sun trap I would love other nudist to join me at my home or garden and make new friends in...

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Naked in my apartment

I am about 98% nude at home since I my roommate left. He was not accepting me being nude especially when he had company. Now since he has been gone for the past 3 months it been much more relaxing. I also do go to local clubs by me. Next I will try...