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For people who like to be naked in the house...

Back Yard Blinds!

Ive been here on TRUE NUDIST a month almost and l'm always thinking, "how can l make this a Better Naked Life for me? I'm strickly a back yard Closet nudist and recently retired! In the mornings as soon as the wife heads off to work l...

Hello everyone

I am sat, at the side of my wife. I am naked she is fully dressed, it is a great feeling. Walking Round the house totally naked.

European Mens Nudist Skype Group

Hi Guys, If you live in the EU feel free to join this group. There are several nudist groups but many seem to be on the North American time zone. This is better for those of us in the EU. Simple rules. Be kind,...

Should I or shouldn't I

My wife has a CNA twice a week to bathe her and last week I answered the door with no shirt and I apologized and she said whatever makes you comfortable and I caught her looking at my crotch about 5 times since I was wearing short shorts. I also...

Swimming nude

Have the cooler loaded, some music playing and the floaties ready. Jumping in the pool for an evening swim.

Go Naked in Puerto Rico

Subject: Go Naked in Puerto Rico Dear Friends, I wanted to reach out for help with something that I believe would be of interest to you. I would very much like to open the first clothing optional resort on the last island in the Caribbean to be...

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Home nudes Sask Canada

Its hard to meet other mature people who enjoy being at home with fellow nudists. I live in Moose Jaw, Sask

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Naturist meet program

I attended naturist meet program in Madhya Pradesh State. Anyone wanting to come to all the TN member men, women and couples living in India. Then send your details. Eating and staying is totally free from me.

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Ring Door bells

I often wander out on to my porch in the early morning before work to check the weather and feel the breeze as a last moment of freedom before I get dress for work. I know I have a ring doorbell which records someone coming to the door, but never...

Day is better naked

I sleep naked. This morning I walked, downstairs, naked. Me and wife a drink, I had to get dressed, to go out. So went out commando. Even tho I was commando, I felt funny in myself. Soon as I got back home I stripped off. And did some did in the...

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