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Looking for nudist friends

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Greetings to everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, I am 58 years old, I am divorced and nudist (for now only at home). I feel happy when I'm naked. This site was an opportunity to share my nudity with other people. I have (unfortunately) a genetic disease, neurofibromatosis, which creates aesthetic problems for me. But this doesn't stop me from showing myself completely naked and without shame at all for being myself and being accepted as I am. I strongly seek friendship and dialogue with anyone (women, couples, men) with whom to share the pleasure of nudity. Anyone can visit my profile, read the things I wrote and look at my photos. I will be very happy to accept any friend requests from anyone.

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RE:Looking for nudist friends

TrueNudists has a very good search function. You can search for members near you.

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RE:Looking for nudist friends

I also have a non nudist wife and am of Italian descent but don't speak it.
I have been to Italy twice.
Surprises me that you see few men in shorts and almost none shirtless in the cities, but very brief swimsuits are common on the beaches.

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