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How Were You Introduced to Nudism?

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When was your first official platonic nudist experience (not as a high or college athlete in the shower)? I didn't participate in sports in junior high/high school/university.

I didn't categorize myself as a nudist when I was sleeping nude in high school. I loved the feeling of the bed coverings on my body, and maybe there was a slight thrill of feeling like I was an adult in my bedroom with the door closed, no locks.

I grew up in the performing arts, and there were always half-dressed actors and dancers in the dressing room, rarely fully nude, but I don't think anyone would've made a fuss. We were in our element.

I never suffered from male body image issues. I was raised in a large matriarchal family with confident and dominant women.

My college dorm floor had a few international students, some of who walked around their room or answered the door bare ass nekkid to shock of the Americans on the floor. I didn't know it then that I'd later embrace nudism.

Flashforward from my hometown to NYC (listen to the harp playing in the background) . . .

Picture it, NYC. My first few male roommates and one female roommate and I walked around the apartment in our underwear. No big deal. Like energies tend to gravitate towards each other.

My official foray into 'nudism' - the label and lifestyle was a dare from a European roommate who grew up going to nude beaches in France and Portugal, and felt constricted (physically and spiritually) in our shared apartment. We, too, walked around in our briefs or boxers until one day (drum roll) I returned from rollerblading in Central Park and there he sat bare ass nekkid at the kitchen table typing away on his laptop.

Shock. Horror! Gasp! Why oh why are you nekkid, dear kind sir?

I felt awkward. The American was unprepared. Why was this different from the nude guys in the dorm?

We talked about it. He reminded me that we were at home, and he was comfortable being nude. Truth be told, I've slept nude since high school and up to the night before the above. I'd always put on underwear or casual clothes before leaving my bedroom.

Showering or taking a bath nude, yes. When you're having intercourse, yes, most often nude. We'll revisit cosplay under a different heading.

In that moment with my nude roommate in the kitchen, I felt exposed and I was clothed.

My roommate was unfazed moving from the table to the refrigerator. I didn't stare. I wanted to exude a similar confidence.

Twenty-four-to-forty-eight hours later, I was alone at home and felt like Tom Cruise sliding across the wooden floors in Risky Business, but nude.

He returned home, of course, and I reached for a pillow to cover myself. He laughed. Silly boy! Why are you covering up?

Nine years later and counting, I've been a mentor to other novice nudists (roommates, massage swap and practice buddies, co-working and coffee buddies).

What's your story? How did it all begin?

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RE:How Were You Introduced to Nudism?

My initial foray into a sort of nudism was as a child of around 10 years old, I used to remove my pyjama bottoms when I went to bed of an evening. It was a subconcious thing where i seemed to be drawn to it. As I got older it stopped, then when I was in my early 20s it started again. I drove bottomless many times , later I visited nudist beaches. For me I find it very spiritual, and when I am seeking God the clothes have to come off. It is also when I feel most authentic and in the truth.

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RE:How Were You Introduced to Nudism?

That's awesome! Great story man.

I like your idea of a privacy fence. I might need to look into something like that.

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RE:How Were You Introduced to Nudism?

I was "officially" introduced by my ex wife. Her parents were members of a local nudist resort. In fact her Dad was the president at the time, in the early 80's. The funny situation before we got married was when she brought me to meet her parents and her Mom answered the door nude, that was a little shocking. So we both went in and her Dad was nude smoking a joint and asked me if I wanted a hit. That was interesting. After we left my ex wife was very embarrassed. She apologized for what happened. I just told her that was ok not to worry about it.

She told me that she had gone with her parents along with 2 of her siblings to the resort and asked me if that bothered me. I told her no it didn't. After about 5 months of being coaxed by her Dad to come up she asked me if I would go too. I thought about it and then said yes. My first time going there we did not get nude but after the third week at her parents cabin she stripped down and so did I. The first time that I went outside it felt warm by the sun. So seeing others nude at first, live, was a little strange but at the same time invigorating. My Mother-in-law made a comment to my wife about going for a walk with her Dad to "relax" myself. So we both went for a walk in the woods and after that I felt more relaxed at the resort. From then on we went every weekend especially at that time there was a heat wave for 2 weeks and felt better there than it was in town by far.

After about 3 years she decided not wanting to go anymore. She did not give any reason why. For me I started going back to the resort once again and have not looked back. Compared to being in the city it's much better up there where it's quiet and sitting in the hot tub or lying on the dock next to the lake is so peaceful. Hiking around in the woods is also very relaxing in the nude, For the most part last year I didn't go up there as much due to the wildfires here in Oregon which one of them was in a evacuation zone 1. This year I'm looking forward to go back as soon as the weather gets warmer and hopefully the Music Festival will resume again this summer.

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RE:How Were You Introduced to Nudism?

I started young too. It was experimentation time - getting naked with other guys then the next door neighbor girl. Loved seeing the different anatomy between us. As I got older the neighborhood kids would play strip with girls and guys which was a blast. I would also ride bikes down a trail in the woods nude and one day got caught by a neighborhood girl I went to school with (I am now renewed friends with her and believe we will share some nude experiences soon.) And still later one of the older kids showed all of us a true hard on (and he was huge). Going into my pre-teens I started getting erections for almost no reason at all and would show to my other male friends who were not experiencing them yet. I also got hairy down there first. So I got set up a few times getting naked and they would bring girls in on me to gawk, laugh and run away. As the hairy dick talk of the school I guess I just always loved getting naked. I once went to Hippie Hollow here in Austin TX and got naked (and again erect) while walking around in wonder at all the naked people - it is legal there. I believe I was in my late teens then.
About 3-4 years ago now with off and on again experiences getting naked, decided I needed go back to the nude park and did for an afternoon. This time it was a true reawakening and I have been eager to stay naked whenever possible.

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RE:How Were You Introduced to Nudism?

For as long as I could remember mom and dad slept nude. You remember how as young tike you would venture into their room middle of the night and crawl between them. In my case both were nude, so at about age 14 I decided if it was good for them it was good for me. Plus there was the occasional strip poker game amongst friends (male and female) and also skinny dipping.

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RE:How Were You Introduced to Nudism?

I was brought up as a nudist from day 1. My parents managed a nudist resort so I was just brought up that way. I really didn't wear any clothes except for the few times we did errands outside the resort. Even after fully developing as a teen and having sex, I never wore clothes. I was homeschooled by my mom so there was no reason to put on clothes most the time until my junior year when I started going to a regular High school. But once back at the resort, I got naked again. The rest is history....

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RE:How Were You Introduced to Nudism?

My interest in nudism began around age 11 when a neighborhood friend and I went swimming one summer night in a neighbor's pool. We were swimming around and he said let's take off our swim suits, so I did. We were both pre-puberty, but he was a couple of years older. In subsequent summers I began skinny dipping with other friends in their pools. What started with swimming nude after dark as mostly a dare, grew to skinny dipping in the daylight and then running around the back yard nude (but that was always after dark). I found being naked among my friends thrilling. When I got to college, I convinced my girlfriend (now my wife) to skinny dip in my parents pool, always after dark. After we married, we found a nearby pond where people would get naked and we visited it several times. It was the first time I saw my wife naked in public and exposed in front of other men. Our interest in naturism grew, but there was a timeout period when the kids were growing up. She still considers it a little naughty, so there was no nudity in front of the kids once they reached about 5 years. old.

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