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Your realization

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When I was 11 I got to stay home alone and I started walking around naked all the time when my mom saw me she said i was always nude growing up still nude today. How old were you when you realized you were a nudist

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RE:Your realization

I was about 14 and started sleeping . Kind of surprised mom when she came to wake me to get up for school and probably had morning wood. Might be why I got an alarm clock for no supposed reason. Nudity wasn't necessarily practiced out right, but, mom and dad did sleep nude and we would see each other going form bedroom to bathroom in the morning nude.

Fast forward about 10 years , still sleeping nude, I was probably more textile. However, a girlfriend at the time was living with her same age female cousin who was always nude around the house and answered the nude, I suspected my girl fiend might be a nudist but wasn't sure until I suggested we join her cousin to which she was nude very quickly and from that point on we never wore clothes when in the house. No i did not marry her and not sure why either as I am sure we would have had a great nudist life together. However as time went on there were other girl friends who enjoyed the nude life style as I introduced them to the freedom from clothing. A couple of them we have reconnected thru FB and they are still textile adverse.

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