Naked At Home - 2014 / 2021 -

For people who like to be naked in the house...

Taking clothes off

I have read several posts the members strip the moment they walk in the door. I guess I am a little different. I take my clothes off put them in the hamper and then take a shower. After my shower, I will stay nude unless have to go out again. When...

Naked at home

When u cant be outside naked at home is good Nothing better unless u have a friend thats a nudist and comes over. live in michigan

Pool Maintenance Man

I got caught by the pool guy yesterday. I was having breakfast nude in the house but about 2 feet from the back door. The inner door was open so there was only a screen. He knocked and started asking a question. I threw the towel I was sitting on...

All ways naked on the back porch

I All ways have coffee on the back porch naked and I love it I let the dogs out and have coffee then get ready 4 work on the weekends naked all day except to do errands and being in fl. U can be naked almost year round feel free 2 join me

Fully enjoying a private back yard

Ive always reveled in outdoor nudity. As a kid, my main and only reason to explore in the woods would be to find someplace secluded enough that I could get naked. Fast forward to a private pool/back yard and Im rarely clothed. My partner and I...

What Has Nudism Taught You?

What are the top three or five personal, emotional, or spiritual lessons you've learned as a nudist? My top five: 1) Nudism was a balancing act for me when I was first introduced to platonic nudism. We are all vessels of various sizes, shapes,...

Answering the Door

I was surprised to find that a search in this group didn't seem to have this topic in discussions - so I am starting it with some events from this week. On Wednesday one of my wife' friends from a charity group that she joined came round...

anyone else becoming a hermit?

i think i am, it becomes more of a chore everyday to put clothes on to walk among the zombies

How would you modify your house?

We're all nudists. Have you thought about how you'd modify your house to better accommodate your being nudists? Money being no object. Here are my ideas: This first one is probably rather peculiar but I think it would be really nice. I'd...


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