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For people who like to be naked in the house...

New to nudism

Hi all, I'm from India and my name's Kiran. Past few years I've tend to realise that I prefer to be nude when I'm alone and I did meet a few others who claimed they are nudists but we're actually jus perverts looking for sex....

Add me up on hangouts...

Add me up on hangouts

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Thankful for Not Wearing Clothes

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Many Americans can be counted on giving thanks for their good fortune and our bountiful country. I would like to add to that. I am thankful to be able to wake up every morning and walk nude into the kitchen, make a fresh...

Unexpected afternoon treat

Nov 6th Northern Indiana 71F and not a cloud in the sky. After I mowed the back yard nude and even raked some in the front yard in view of the road, I stretched out in the lawn chair and read a book for 1.5 hrs I did have to move the chair to keep...

Looking for something to do during the winter

Anybody live arouns the metro east St Louis area, anything going on?

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this week

I have not had any part time work this week, nor have I had much of any plans. As a result since 1pm on Sunday i have worn clothes for a total of about 4 hours. That included some errands run on Tuesday and a 2 mile walk yesterday. So out of the the...

Welcome to Belgrade, Serbia!

I know it's a bit hard to travel these days, but if you plan on visiting the Balkans, I welcome you to visit beautiful Belgrade, I can host you in my apartment in downtown for a few days.

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friends on TN

I am wonder how many, or what percentage of the "friends" that you have in TN do you chat or exchange emails with? For a social site, people don't seem all that social to me.

New to nudism

Hey, Im new to this website and nudism as a whole, but I love not wearing clothes around the house and in my back yard whenever I get a chance. Im looking for a few new friends. Itd be cool especially to have a few that are within a few years of my...