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Answering the Door

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I was surprised to find that a search in this group didn't seem to have this topic in discussions - so I am starting it with some events from this week.

On Wednesday one of my wife' friends from a charity group that she joined came round with some money to be banked to the charity account at the time the postman usually calls. As my wife was out of earshot of the doorbell and the postman has seen me naked several times I went to answer the door grabbing the small kitchen towel to conceal my groin just in case. Imagine my surprise when I saw who it was - so I stayed concealed behind the door while I received the envelope.

Then today another of my wife's friends called to see her, coming to the back door as usual while I was in the all-glass front porch fixing a Christmas star decoration to the inside or the glass with my back to the drive. As she left my wife called out who had called and I turned to look when she waved a greeting. When I spoke to my wife she told me that her friend had seen me naked on her way in.

A short time afterwards a courier called at the front door and I was the only person available to answer it so that makes three answering the door nude occasions in a week.

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RE:Answering the Door

I have answered my door fully nude with no attempt to hid for years now. My house can barely be seen from the road because of all the trees, is set 50 yards back from the road, and my porch as a four-foot barrier on the edge. I can stand fully nude out on my porch without any concern that someone might see me.

Not enough houses close enough together to entice Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or Trick-or-treaters to go door-to-door in this area. There are two classes of people who come up to my front door. Delivery people and nudist friends. The nudist friends just walk in -- some drive over to my house in the nude.

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RE:Answering the Door

Hasn't happened yet lately but I am sure it will. But about 43 years ago I did. the girl I was dating lived with her nudist same age female cousin and we were all sitting around nude and her boy friend stopped by early as we were going to be going out and had not dressed yet. His comment was, "are we staying in tonight"? I'll let you ponder that...

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RE:Answering the Door

I too asked about this. It has become my favourite hobby. I answer the door naked now all the time and love it. I have only gotten very positive reactions. The pizza guy always reminds us to ask for him by name. The postman knocks with letters and is never in a rush when i answer. I will have to say they never hang around as much when husband answers the door but he hasn't gad any negative experiences either. I do get a buzz out of being naked with a dressed stranger. It feels naughty but nice.

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