Naked At Home - 2014 / 2021 -

For people who like to be naked in the house...

Looking for nudist friends

Greetings to all from Italy. I'm Andrea, 58 years old divorced and for now a home nudist. I am looking for friends (women, couples, men) who share the situation of home nudist for dialogue and exchange of experiences. Anyone can visit my profile...

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Backdoor eastern exposure

My new apartment is on the 2nd floor and faces trees and my sofa gets a full sun beam I can tan nude every morning

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Hot tub fun.

We have a privacy fenced very large back yard, with a hot tub set down in a large deck. Makes for relaxing evenings when the weather get a little cooler.

Meetings/Remote Learning Nude?

Question for my fellow home nudists: Since the pandemic hit and everyone was locked down, curious if you've had to change your habits to not over exposure yourselves on zoom meetings? For those with kids that normally go nude at home, how do you...

Nude on the porch

At my last address, a trailer park I had a porch covered with vines that allowed me to step outside nude at night. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own home because it's not socially acceptable to walk around nude. I like to believe things...

feeling embarrased naked after shaving

Hoping someone may have some suggestions regarding an embarrassing situation I find myself in with my wife - having just totally shaved myself recently - down there. Felt it would make me look younger for various reasons. it's now a weird...

Autumn and darker evenings

Here in Stockholm-Sweden, the summer is definitely over, with not many more possiblys to be nude outdoor anymore, and the evenings begin to be darker earlier and earlier. Then it is nice to be nude indoor in the warmth in the flat and make it cosy...

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Middle Tennessee

Single male nudist living alone 24/7 in my small apartment. Sure be nice to find other nudist in the area.

Skype nudist group (nudist whith face)...

only nudists with their cam on and showing their faces. erections are allowed. Dont follow the rule( face and cam on = banned)