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Morning nakedness to share

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AustinJohn here with my usual waking up always in the mood. Not sure what it is about mornings but always seeking company to share as a straight male. It eventually passes but sometimes difficult for a while.

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RE:Morning nakedness to share

Even at 70 I still usually wake up with morning wood. . Always nice to see and feel it asking for attention. Love stimulating it for maximum length and girth and feeling my balls fill with hot manmilk with constant edging. The sight of the precum beginning to drip up and out from my cock slit has me moaning and groaning in pleasure and that extra natural lube is used to intensify the stroking of my now throbbing manhood. As I imagine the face, mouth, pussy, or tight asshole my cock is pounding into, my final thrusts trigger an intense and guttural explosion of seed spurting out filling the hole and draining my balks today the last drop. Mmmmm feels so good and sharing it in real time on Skyoe on occasion with another like minded soul just heightens the lust and pleasure.

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