Naked At Home - 2014 / 2021 -

For people who like to be naked in the house...

Relate to this

can anyone else relate to this meme. My wife showed me it and I had to share it.

Let the naturist resorts come to you!

While you're stuck at home, why not have a Virtual Naturist Resort Visit?

Central Florida Area

Looking to make new friends with females and couples who like to be naked at home or outdoors. Please add us as Friends and Email us, very much like to make new friends with other nudist in the area.

Looking for naked nudist friends

Hello everyone. I'm Andrea from Italy, for now lonely nudist. I am looking for nudist friends (women, men, couples) of all places and ages to talk and exchange experiences. Anyone can freely visit my profile by reading what I wrote and looking...

Peeping Jane

I live in a triplex apartment and there is a divider in the back so that all 3 apartments have privacy. However the landlord added another unit but never put a devider. Last night I went outside as usual to smoke my joint but this time I was naked....

My hosting week

Thanks to folks not freaking out about COVID as much , my Airbnb traffic has started to return. Chris, in his 30s who had stayed last November when he was in my neck of the woods on business. He had a female companion with him that time and we all...

Naked or not with the grandchildren

Hello, I am Casimir from the south of France in northern catalonia. Roussillon if you prefer. 7 km from perpignan. I am naked at home when the temperature is around 21 C. My wife, Coco is also naked but for higher temperatures. We are not equal and...

do you keep cover handy?

My guess is that most of you have created a way to at least sunbathe nude in your property somehow. When you are out there do you make sure you have some shorts or cover handy? I actually make it a point to not have anything other than a towel and...

Skype call?

Hey Sexies, Anybody up for a Skype call sometime? Couples only... :)

Living with non-nude housemate

I've long enjoyed spending my time nude at home but since I don't have my own place have never had a nude housemate, did anyone ever share a place with another nudist? Or better yet convert a housemate nude?