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Naked friendships

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For now I can only be naked at home, but I like to know that here I can always be completely naked in front of everyone. I don't feel the slightest shame in showing myself and being seen naked by everyone, on the contrary I like to share my total nakedness with every person. Nudity is natural, it is not wanting to provoke, but being myself in complete freedom and with total sincerity. I want my photos to be seen by as many people as possible because I want to share who I am with everyone. I am looking for people, friends, who have the freedom to show themselves in total nakedness without any shame. Who wants to know me a little visit my profile in order to read my texts and above all look at my photos. I will be happy to accept any friend requests from anyone (woman or man) who is happily and totally naked.

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RE:Naked friendships

great attitude to have. thanks for sharing

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