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My hosting week

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Thanks to folks not freaking out about COVID as much , my Airbnb traffic has started to return. Chris, in his 30s who had stayed last November when he was in my neck of the woods on business. He had a female companion with him that time and we all stayed clothed. I found him an interesting guy with lots of life experiences and he was entertained by my numerous stories of travels and life. He told me he would stay with me again when back over for work. Well COVID put a kibosh until this week and he booked for 3 nights. We had exchanged several texts and he told me he was fine with a nude host. So that is what he got. The first night after a meal he stripped himself to soak in the hot tub and was casual about redressing once we got out. Weds night he got back after 8 and he helped me upgrade my ancient stereo system. Me nude, him clothed.

I had another guy. Mike early 50s, who booked to stay this coming Saturday night, but then at the last minute asked if he could switch it to last night He picked my place because i have a hot tub and he could go nude around the house. . Chris had been sleeping by his choice using his hammock stretched out in my living room ( yes i have hooks in the wall just perfect for a hammock) I asked him if it was okay for Mike to be here at the same time. Mike could have the upstairs room. He assured me that was okay. I told him to expect two naked men when he got back last night.

We were soaking when he got here, He did not join us, but was fine with us being bare around him when we got out. While Mike and I had been soaking he mentioned that he had stayed at an Airbnb where the hostess offered pro massages as an extra. I told him , that I enjoy massage and even have a table, and mine would not be pro , but I was open to swapping massages if he was. He jumped at the chance. I gave Chris a heads up that Mike and I would be swapping massages in clear view of his end of the living room and he again agreed that was totally fine with him. We traded fully nude back massages for about an hour before calling it a night.

A few years ago a group of 4 bicyclist after we had soaked in the hot tub posed for a pic with their bike helmets held strategically over their junk. That started a tradition of other bikers and now some of my Airbnb guest to pose for similar pics. Both guys wanted to add their pics to the album so we took those , all three of us bare ass. Sorry I do not post those on here, I always honor my promise to not put the pics on line they are strictly for my guest book

Both guys just left and thanked me for enjoyable stays. Both will be back at some point. Neither of them ever saw me clothed.

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RE:My hosting week

You sure have some fascinating experiences with your BNB. Some day I/we will come up to meet you!

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