Naked Dares

a group for people who are nudists and like to push the envelope and get nude in places that you dont often see someone naked

wakey wakey

hi everyone what you been up too a month has flown by with no posts. have you done anything daring in the sunshine recently or anything funny whilst naked ? post your pics and tells us all about it

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Bristol, UK

Anyone in or around Bristol up for some dares?

public nudity

hi all i have on occasion walked naked on public roads along the pavement has anyone else done this and did you have any negative feedback ? i have not had any myself just been whistled at and had car horns sounded at me but no negativity. its very...

A friendly dare

I dare any member of this group to take a photo of themselves naked with their clothed, best friend. Then post the photo here, of course.

Naked dares

Hi guys, I love being naked :) and i like to show off. Is anyone here who want to give me some naked dares to do? ;) Telegram: kkmm1986

Bournemouth dares

Anyone in the Bournemouth area up for some dares?

Looking for naked people

Greetings to all, I'm Andrea from Italy, 58, divorced without children and nudist. I love being naked for the feeling of freedom and sincerity it gives me. I am not ashamed to be seen naked by anyone and I am delighted if the photos I have...

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Anyone in Indiana

Are there anyone in Indiana that would like to meet up and get naked

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Naked friendships

As the name I have chosen says, and as my photos show, I am always completely naked. I am not embarrassed or ashamed to show myself naked for all to see, indeed I am happy to be able to share my complete and absolute nakedness with each of you....


summers on its way i hope you can all get out and do some naked dares. if you do dont forget to post your pictures here

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