Naked Forest Women

For all females, who love to be bare and naked in the nature, forest and woods and their fans and admirers.

Naked Forest Women

This almost seems like a group best left to women, and it doesn't need a bunch of men mucking it up. However, I am a big fan of women who like to be naked-in-nature, so I joined. There are far too many men wandering around the woods naked...

Comfort in the Forest

This group has been far to quite for the number of people that have joined. I have a question to start some conversation. For you women in the group that explore the woods. What does it take for you to feel comfortable wandering the forest naked. I...

Wisconsins National forest

Anyone planning to visit Wisconsin national forest this spring or summer I spend time exploring the Copper falls area

Forest bathing

For those who like nature photos check out Nude Forest Bathing & post some photos if you like.

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