Naked Hiking Routes (UK)

This is a place to share any good (UK) hiking routes that people have done nude. The idea is to create a decent database of walks that others can try out. To post a route, refer to guidance in the 'About' tab.

Meeting clothed people when you are walking...

Just wanted to hear how you have dealt with this when it happens and what reactions you've had. Interested to hear from guys who walk alone, what has happened when you've encountered people and there is no time to cover up? Has anyone ever...

Any naturist walkers around hertfordshire,...

Hello, Looking for to join naturist walks around Hertforshire, Kent areas, anyone from here? Thanks!

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Thetford or Kings Forest

I love hiking nude but like many others in this group I try to be respectful of others views and try to cover up if I see them in advance. My favourite and safest place to walk nude is Kings Forest towards West Stow. I was there twice last week...


A nude hike in or around Cheshire... anyone up for it or have a nice suggestion on where to go?

Quy Fen

North East of Cambridge. Turn off A14 for Horningsea and park in layby on right after driving through village. Walk east along the track. After about half an hur you'll reach Quy Fen. You can strip a couple of hundred yards after leaving the...

Hikes in Scotland

Hello. Quite new to this. Anyone know of any routes in Scotland (preferably in the west) for me to venture out to? Any groups or buddies would be welcomed as nervous to go out first time myself


Does anyone know how i can open or find the previous walks, i am looking for naked walks in the north

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