Naked In The Garage

The garage is our own little nudist clubhouse... Dartboard, refridgerator(BEER), big screen T.V.,all the necessities and Hot tub right outside the door!

Shared garage area

I live in a duplex where the two garages are at the centre of the complex at the front. The front of the building has one large roller door that opens up into a small communal space for storing garbage bins and what-not. Then we each have an...

Door's Up?

If I am home, I'm likely nude. After 30+ years as a nudist, I am not overtly aware if I have clothes on or not. My garage story . . . after running some errands, I pulled my car in the garage and for whatever didn't put the door down. I had...

What's your garage activity ?

I enjoy working out in my garage nude as it reduces my amount of laundry. Why wear clothes that get dirty, you sweat and get dirty, then have to wash yourself and the clothes too.I justify it as a "green" activity since it saveson extra...


Got a picture in the garage finally

Latest Post

I have a workshop which opens to the back of my garage; both attached to the house. As the temperature allows, I am always nude in there. I am not much of a mechanic although I have done work on my own vehicles but.. I am, however, a wood worker and...


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