Naked Massage

Naked Massage Group is for people to Massage in the Nude; And for those who prefer to be Massaged Nude. Good Topic, and discussion. Have Practised Massage for well over 20 Years, both with Vanity Towels and Nude.

Manhattan-based Summer Wellness Network

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I'm seeking to rebuild my previous platonic wellness and self-care network that the last two years and counting of this pandemic flux has destroyed.

Pre-pandemic, I had a small network of platonic friends for alternating trained, legit table massages, guided meditation, in-home workouts, hanging in Central Park and Riverside Park, hanging out for potluck lunches and dinners, and movie marathons.

I'd like to begin with either a fitness-minded man or woman, not at the same time. I'm not looking for anything sexual. The person(s) I seek knows how to give massages or a great student who will learn over a few weeks. I've got a pro massage table at home on the Upper West Side. I'm triple-vaccinated, and you must be too. No exceptions.

Ideal age range is late 30s to early 40s, not into ghosting after one or two chats on here, and committed to long-term wellness and healthy living.

If that's you, reply via TN email and we'll take it from there.

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