Naked Massage

Naked Massage Group is for people to Massage in the Nude; And for those who prefer to be Massaged Nude. Good Topic, and discussion. Have Practised Massage for well over 20 Years, both with Vanity Towels and Nude.

Massage leads to outdoor nude time

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Last week, I was visiting a city nearby. Was fortunate enough to get a hotel upgrade to a room with a large patio on the 20th floor. I arranged for a massage from a therapist Ive seen before who is fine with nude client.
Hotel bed was the massage table. We left the patio door open for fresh air. Halfway through the massage, we stepped onto the patio to enjoy the view, her clothed, me fully nude. It was an enjoyable time to be nude outside not knowing or caring who might see. The rest of the massage was just as great as the start and the break.

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