Naked Massage

Naked Massage Group is for people to Massage in the Nude; And for those who prefer to be Massaged Nude. Good Topic, and discussion. Have Practised Massage for well over 20 Years, both with Vanity Towels and Nude.

Nude massage - Auckland, New Zealand

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I just adore being massaged!
Who would be keen to give me a nice, nude massage? Open to anyone.
And I really enjoy massaging women. If you would like to receive a head-to-toe massage, please let me have the pleasure of looking after you! All boundaries fully respected. Your pleasure is the only reward I seek
Please feel free to msg me.
Also interested in hearing from YOU dear reader... what particular things have you experienced in a massage that you especially enjoyed? Please share!

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RE:Nude massage - Auckland, New Zealand

I'm like you, love being massaged. Having a towel for discreet draping just annoys me, I prefer fully naked when being massaged.

Being able to reciprocate can be really cool, as you each are giving and receiving, so it isn't like paying for it where it is one-way.

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