Naked Men's Group

This is a group for guys who like to be naked to talk about stuff specific to being male and a nudist. So if you are a man who prefers not to wear clothes feel free to join this group and contribute to a discussion. Any subjects are welcome as long as they're clean. No offence to the ladies but this group is just for us fellas. Cheers

Naked Zoom Mens event

Hey all! TONIGHT! And every Wednesday at 7pm EDT there is a nude event via Zoom. Join the bump! Social nudism at its best. Come together to meet other nudists both in-person and remotely. Chat, play games, network, and more. Check it out!...

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Nude guys in Chicagos west burbs

Mark St. Charles Any fellow nudists want to meet up this Spring snd Summer for some JO fun?

Florida Friends

Hey guys looking to make friends to hang out with in Florida. Who all is in the Orlando area?

Nude at home

I have made a dicision. Starting the 1.5.2019 I have always been a naturist. But since I got married. My mother in law lives with us. So I only been naked either when she not in. Or I go in the forest and strip off. On the 1.5.19 I decorated the...

skype nudist chatrooms

NAKED LOUNGE - Nudist Chatroom Combining all the old nudist chatrooms into one NUDIST - FUN CHAT Fun chat For the less endowered nudists ( small cocked guys ) to chat / cam with...

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I wasn't expecting that!

Has anything happened to you when you've been naked in public and you've thought "I wasn't expecting that"? Please share your experience. I'll start this one off. I was visiting a particular nudist beach for only the...

Simon says

Hi, this Is Simon, i am a 27 year old guy from germany And i Look Forward to get in contact With other male nudist guys

Nudist or exhibtionist?

So I'm I think, 5 months into this site and have noticed a disparity in a "ground zero" topic. Simply... do people like to be naked because they enjoy the "thrill"? do they enjoy it because of the "freedom"? do they...


With me there are 143 'members' in this group and one of you could be bothered to discuss anything! So I'll start the new year off with this post and invite a comment, or 142 of them. Dependant on how you react, I may stay or I may go....