Naked On A Deckchair

A group for naturist or nudist women or men who like to lounge, rest or sunbathe on a deckchair.For those who like to watch these people naked on deckchairs

((pleasure to see and be seen))...

4nudism .naturism .exhibe .exposing . voyeurism .masturbating .cuckolding . spermating .pics . mails .

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Going braless

Good morning! Im just curious how many women actually go braless each day? Its rare my wife ever wears a bra. Her closest friend does the same! She says her boobs are tiny as is, so why should she need a bra?


So great summer is almost here and is nice that it is warm enough to walk around naked again, Can't wait to get a tan


Really awesome pictures on this site, lets hear your stories

Our Deck Chairs At Eastney and Studland

My wife and I always take our deck chairs to Eastney and Studland in addition to our beach towels. When we want to stretch out naked for a tan we lay our towels. For lunch times we use our deck chairs still naked of course. We can fit a parasol to...

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