Naked Plans For 2018

What are you naked plans for 2018? More nakedness?More naked holidays?More naked adventures?Or is it just being naked for the first time, somewhere new?Who knows? Only you do!! So share your plans with us all. Go on you're not shy are you?

a naked 2018

I plan to spend as much time on the secluded beaches of North Cornwall near where I live and have planned a couple of weeks in the Greek Islands where I hope to meet like minded people.

2018, Like 2017 but more naked

I realized late in 2017 that the solution for never finding time to go to the nude beach with my husband was to go without him. He's only free on the weekends, and we've had years of summer weekends during which either we would be busy or the...

2018 Nude/Naked

Since I will be retiring my teaching position on June 1, I'm hoping to be more open about my nudity. At the same time I hope to be able to spend more time naked and exploring places in the area where I can take my clothes off, legal or not....

My plans

My plan is pretty much the same as last year. Spend more time naked when possible, at parties, resorts or secluded spots away from others.

Our Plans for 2018

Our plans revolve around getting to personally know more nudists and being able to hang nude with them. We also have a vacation planned to Hidden Beach where we can spend as much time nude as we want in Paradise. I also want to go at least once a...

Nude plans for 2018

My biggest plan meet more people from here, get a vacation and go somewhere we can be nude 24/7

Being a more naked Alfresco. ..

Often I try to get some naked time in the snow within the first few days of January to set the tone for the year (my vid is from Jan 2 2017) but it is scary cold for the foreseeable future, so the best I could do was about 90 seconds on the patio...

Happy Nude 2018

I applaud all the resolutions to be more naked, more social, etc. Those have been my resolutions for the last five years or so - and - I seem to have achieved them. Of course, can one really ever be nude enough?!?! ;-) My nudist resolutions for 2018:...

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nude resolutions for 2018

I'd love to meet other nudist men here in the Palm Springs area to hang out with, either one-on-one or in groups. Would love to host a nude pool party, too. And of course, I'd love to meet other nudist from TN when I travel, and spend more...

Hoping for a more nude 2018

I hope that this year brings more nude time for me. Nude vacations and more nude time at nude resorts, more nude friends and to find a nude female friend to share it all.

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