Naked Seniors!

A group for 50, 60, 70 year olds and above, as well as younger admirers of naked seniors. At our ages you think we'd know better. Running around with no clothes on--we could catch a death of a cold or, even worse, pneumonia! Everyone knows, too, that gravity begins to take over as far as our bodies are concerned--men as well as women suddenly find they need support in places they'd never...

First Experience

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Youre a senior now. But how old were you, and where were you when you had your first experience. How and why did that happen?

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RE:First Experience

I was 28 a bit late but always curious. It was on a little island called Spetses just off the Penellopese. There was a naked older couple and as my girlfriend was already topless, i suggested we join them . She would not take her bikini bottom off but did not mind if I took my trunks off. So I did and it was great

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RE:First Experience

I started sleeping naked when I was 11 and soon started hanging naked in my room. I wasn't raised in a nudist family but my dad would hang naked with me in my room. When we were alone, we roamed the house naked and even sat outside and talked. I'm now naked 24/7, inside and out, weather permitting.
WTF!? have you done to your penis?

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