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Grabbing the mail/walking the dog

I live in an apartment complex so I have a shared hallway where I get my mail. Usually go out with nothing on.. except lately it's been cold so I'll just wear a T-shirt and some slippers. In the warmer months, I'll usually just put on my...

Mitch Canada

Love to find a Canadian guy that has nudity in common

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Saturday is naked chores day

I enjoy household chores more when Im naked. I rarely put clothes on during the weekend up unless Im going to the grocery store.

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Nude at home and garden

Always nude at home and garden. Do all chores and gardening nude.

home Office working nude

how many other nudists work from home naked ? always good to be free and naked when working . im open for Skype chats Pakmanx4

Love to do all chores nude

I love doing my housegold chores nude year round. Keep the woodstove cranked up in the witer time as i do them. In the summer I love doing yardwork nude as well for most of it. Althrough cutting down trees requires clothing. The sawdust and wood...

Naked chores

I'm always naked at home so all my chores are done naked. I'm happy to Skype qldkev1970


I am NkdRon67 on Skype

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