Natural Breasts Are Best

This group is for women with natural breast and those who appreciate women who have natural breast.

Breasts are my favorite part on a woman, I love the many shapes and sizes they, there is no shame in how they come, I like the nipples hard or soft, we were all born sucking on them so they should be shown and used as you grow in life, not to be hidden in shame in our prudish society.
Your titties have many qualities and uses, lovely and soft for mens heads to lay, to hold their penis, a sexual exciter .

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I'm not sure breasts are my favourite part of a woman but they can get the attention of others. My late wife (she died from ovarian cancer a little over 2 years ago) had large boobs and as a young woman with beautiful thick wavy blonde hair, a slim figure and big boobs she got lots of male attention. She was very self conscious of her boobs as she thought that was all men saw her for. When we started seeing each other I did not pay immediate attention to them, I liked her and I think it's one of the reasons she got comfortable with me and we fell in love and married. After 3 kids and as she aged she found these large boobs were not the same and the effects of gravity as well as nature & aging had kicked in, she considered a breast reduction and a lift, that was before cancer obviously. I always told her I didn't care that they were not the same as they used to be, she wasn't 25 with no kids. Recently I've started seeing a woman whose husband died 4 years ago and she has been on her own with her 3 teenage kids since then, she dated a couple of guys but I'm the only one to have gotten intimate with her and seen her naked. She is 48 and is really self conscious of being quite flat chested and is talking about having implants. I know she knows my wife was well endowed but I've said I like her boobs the way they are, I don't care, I like her and her incredibly responsive nipples. She knows I am genuine in what I say but I am still not sure if she is thinking of the implants for herself or for me. She is tall, slim, athletic, really toned and very attractive, I really don't care about her boob size and I have said so. Ladies, what else do I need to say, or do I leave the topic alone?

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I have had girlfriends, lovers and a wife with so many different breast sizes/shapes and I never cared as long as I liked the person. I am usually attracted by a woman's face first.

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