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This group is for women with natural breast and those who appreciate women who have natural breast.

We were at a family swim event the other day at a local water park. Sole how the padding on my wifes swimsuit moved over and you could clearly see her beautiful breast and nipple straight thru.

Part of me didnt want to say anything because there was nothing wrong or inappropriate with it. But after a few minutes I let her know that you could see her nipple. At first she was a little embarrassed and I can understand that. But I told her, breast are beautiful and natural there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I am sure if anyone noticed they are complaint. I smiled and assured her of her beauty.

It was a good and funny moment.


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RE:Nipple slip

Good for you, Adam. First for making her aware of the malfunction and second for your assurance that she had nothing to be ashamed about.

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