North Texas Naturists (NTN)

North Texas Naturists (NTN) is a clothing optional social group dedicated to promoting and fostering a wholesome social clothing optional lifestyle in the naturist tradition that can be enjoyed by adult (18+) couples or singles living in North Texas. We believe that social nudism is not only healthful, but is a freedom of choice. My intent for starting this group is to organize as a non-landed...

I have completed the group survey which will be used to plan our first club outing and am ready to send it out. However, thus far I have only received email addresses from the following members...


I will email the survey to those three members right away. If your name is missing from my email list, please provide me an email address either by private message here at TN or by sending it to my email address:

The surveys are due April 20, 2009 and so please get me an email address ASAP so that your opinions will be counted.


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