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North Texas Naturists (NTN) is a clothing optional social group dedicated to promoting and fostering a wholesome social clothing optional lifestyle in the naturist tradition that can be enjoyed by adult (18+) couples or singles living in North Texas. We believe that social nudism is not only healthful, but is a freedom of choice. My intent for starting this group is to organize as a non-landed...

Exciting New Developments

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Lots of exciting new developments have occurred this week for NTN. First, I have been busy coordinating with some of the leaders at AANR-SW, our home region and they have listed our club on their sites. As a result, today I had six inquiries about membership through our web site and four of those inquiries were from interested couples! One couple has already re-contacted me since I replied to them and has asked to meet with me to discuss them hosting NTN parties at their centrally located home. House parties is really what I hope will become the focal point of our group because it will be less expensive for our members than resort based events and more convenient too. Even the nearest resorts are about an hour away and it isnt always convenient for people to make a trip to one especially if they cant devote an entire day to a club event.

Right now Im thinking of planning two events for the month of July. If enough are interested Id really like us to visit Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis as a group in July and AANR-SW is sponsoring a special event on July 11 that I think it would be fun to participate in. Ill be publishing more details on that in the June newsletter.

If you have joined our on-line group here at True Nudists but havent provided me an email, I encourage you to do so and encourage you to become active in our actual non-landed club. Things are really looking positive and I hope you wont miss out on the fun!

Dont forget to RSVP if you are planning to attend our May event at Wildwood Naturists Resort. I have promised to give Wildwood a head count on Monday, May 4, and thus far Ive only received three responses.

Naturally yours,

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RE: Exciting New Developments

How is the new group doing? I haven't seen any more posts. A couple of friends and I (all females) are thinking of coming to a get together. Are you having anything in July?
Diane in Plano

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RE: Exciting New Developments

Has anyone in the group heard from Larry? I'm still waiting to see how this new group is working out. I, and a couple of other singles are hoping for an upcoming event so we could have our "first" party.
Please respond if anyone knows anything.

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RE: Exciting New Developments

Everyone should plan to attend the 2010 convention at Armadillo Resort. Good place.

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