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Life drawing in Australia

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Tell us about your experiences. Where are some classes?

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RE:Life drawing in Australia

I do a fair bit of life modelling, mainly a small group or one on one with an artist. Artists these days prefer guys with a smaller one as it appears more natural according to them, although in this painting I seem bigger than usual for obvious reason but the artist continued.

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RE:Life drawing in Australia

Any artist who is doing in online(skype)

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RE:Life drawing in Australia

No in Australia but,
I offered myself as a nude model for a life art artist. He set up a lesson at his studio that was attended by 3 older ladies.
The studio was attached to his home and he suggested I undress in the bathroom. He offered a robe but I thought it unnecessary as everyone would see me naked.
I undressed and walked through the kitchen where his wife was preparing food and across the garden the studio. I greeted the ladies with handshakes and swooped kisses.
He manipulated my body to the pose he wanted then the class started.
Yes at one point I started to get an erection which hadnt gone unnoticed by one of the ladies whi smiled and winked at me which didnt help haha but it soon passed.
When the pictures were done I asked if I could look and mingle before the next pose was arranged.
It was a fun evening which ended will drinks and snacks which the wife bought through. Having turned down the robe I was still naked at this point but no one seemed to mind.
Definitely something I would do again. and a chat

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RE:Life drawing in Australia

Damn that missing edit button !

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RE:Life drawing in Australia

I do modelling in the south coast of NSW :)
Its pretty strict in the art class.. unrobe only when everything is ready and set up, and cover up as soon as theres a break.

I love posing with props, its great to get creative. Being naked and free in front of everyone is wicked too of course.
I saw an older lady take a sneaky picture last time which I thought was hilarious. I didnt mind at all and said nothing.
She got pulled up by a fellow artist, but made some excuse, the art teacher didnt notice.
Its heaps of fun at the art class~ xD

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