Nude Bodybuilders

For lovers of gym and anything related to fitness and bodybuilding...share your pics and dont be shy...lets have out own competition in the nude...

Nude Workout on Skype

hi ! looking for a workout partner for c2c workout. skype: tobstersky

Hello from a naked Personal Trainer!

Hi guys! I'm Col, a naked personal trainer. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. If I can help with anything health and fitness related, let me know! I would really welcome any friend requests as I'm quite new here, still finding...

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2018 is Mine!

Okay, it's been seven years since I "got started", and I still look pretty much like I did. It's time to make this year My Year. I want to make a transformation so grand it has people picking their jaws up off the floor before they...


I go to the gym at 3/30 in the morning when there is no one there. I constiantly think about getting naked to do some excercisses but theres so many cameras

Seeking Mentor/Coach

26yo here based in Seattle, WA, USA. When home, active in the gym but want to take my progress to the next level. Currently traveling and finding it hard to get a routine down that works for me. So first, helping me establish and adhere to a regime...

Working out naked

Has anyone ever workouted naked?? Could be in the garge, backyard or inside your house, at a gym, if there's a nude gym, etc. I only have done jumpropes, pushup, pullups then some bands in my garge.

foam roller fitness on skype

any one familiar with the foam roller? I would like to work out on skype with it together with others.


Hey guys. I'm very into fitness. Feel free to shoot me a line if you are as well!!

South Orange County CA

Hello everyone. I am a regular at 24 hour fitness in South OC. I visited Glen Eden once where they had a gym area. I was not prepared to work out and wish I had at least given it a try since I think about working out nude all the time. I do home...

Body types and Dating

I'm not sure what the validity is of this article, but when I read it, I became extremely upset about the state of our society. What this article tells me is that...

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