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This group is for both female and male intusiast of bodybuilding or fitness If you've ever spent countless hours in the gym or at home working out and care about making your body look the best it can naked then this group is for you. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a fitness model a beginner or a pro you are welcomed. Upload your pictures but at least one must be of your best attributes.

Brisbane- Australia. Photographer looking...

Hi, Im looking for people to model nude, female and couples for art style photos. You get copy of camera images. I have studio. Brisbane Australia. North side. Send me a massage if your interested. Deano..

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Hi Guys and Ladies, Is anyone here a Peloton user? Might be cool to have a nude workout together! Just a thought. Cheers.

Gym Reopening

My gym recently reopened now that Covid is down substantially in the area. While it will be good to be able to use the equipment, exercising dressed is going to feel strange for a while. For the past 4 months, I have been doing light body weight and...

Hello All: Someone asked me about my nude...

Yes, I run and or workout almost daily, and yes for most run workouts I'm nude as I am for all in-home workouts. ] Yes, I do nude yoga, co-ed groups only, I'm 100% hetero, so have no interest in male only nude activities. ] The roots of the...

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Home physical training

my wife and I are looking for websites that show us physical activities to do at home to develop together or separately our bodies harmoniously; thank you in advance for your good information

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Starting over again

I am a master procrastinator. I have thought about doing this for several months. I believe posting here regularly will help me stay on track. Plus, I will try to be more creative. I dont want to take the same photo over and over again. So, here is...

The black sheep lol

I love and appreciate the art of bodybuilding , but i do croasfit lol i have my own gym at home aswell as coach at a local crossfit box. I love Olympic lifting, when it comes to working out i have to wear clothes but sometimes ill get full naked and...

gold coast australia

i own a studio gym be great to have some fellow nudist use it besides me

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by kj77au 
Naked Skype Workout Group

Im leading a Skype group for men that want to workout naked or want to watch for motivation. The sessions will be Tuesday and Thursday 11:30am pacific time. The session will be a half hour fully naked easy workout. Message me your Skype and Ill add...