Nude Hetero Dating

You meet and date new people first time totally naked and bare. This group is for those, who like meeting new people naked. After shut-down and reset we are here again.

Austin TX Meet and Greet

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Not sure how many are from near Austin TX but love to meet and go from there.

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RE:Austin TX Meet and Greet

See had some looks but no bites? Gee Has to be some female local or near Austin TX willing to have a nude dating experience.

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RE:Austin TX Meet and Greet

Just checking and still nothing - wow. Really thought concept of group was cool. I am fortunate with access nearby to a nude park - Hippie Hollow where clothing is optional anyhow. Great place to meet and go from there. Guess we need somewhere we can pose more candidly? (erect, etc.?) Sorry not for this site and really you can't be up all the time guys - don't worry I am straight so this isn't where I am headed. Other way is simply to agree to meet at someone's house and drop em as the door is answered - I'm game there too. AustinJohn

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