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Hello & great to see this group!!

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Hello beautiful humans! I just found this group and joined immediately. I fell into the hippie way of life when I went off to college in Santa Cruz. I discovered and embraced that lifestyle at exactly the same time I fell in love with the nude beach culture of that area. So for me, social nudity is simply the butter on the bread of west coast hippie-dom. I can't honestly imagine one without the other. I can't describe in words how much I love to get naked with good friends in public spaces: beaches, swimming holes, hot springs, festivals, gatherings, backpacking, hiking, etc. For me it has always been pure, brilliant joy. What I love about the way the hippie lifestyle relates to nudity, however, is the fact that the overall lifestyle comes first, and the enjoyments of both nudity and the fruits of sexual freedom are a pure, natural, and honest expression of openness and desire to put compassion & connection first. I have always felt that this is a major departure from "orthodox nudist" culture, which to my mind is overly doctrinaire about demonizing clothing, on the one hand, while at the same time eschewing sexuality. And then, at the same time, nudist culture also tends to encourage (maybe unintentionally) a kind of weirdly underhanded swinger subculture. And this has always seemed so unnatural: to suppress sexuality in its natural context but then obsessively pursue it under the guise of "time and place" approved contexts. To me, hippie culture promotes nudity as a very healthy and balanced lifestyle ingredient, wherein one can be free to integrate all aspects of themselves, including their sexuality. In this way, the lifestyle -- to me -- is so much more honest, natural, and inviting. Be free, be joyful, get naked, have a blast, love your life, love the body that takes you through it.
So, suffice it to say I am a die-hard naked hippie for LIFE! :-)

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RE:Hello & great to see this group!!

I knew an old hippy who was originally from the Bronx, NY but ended up living (and dying) in Austin, TX. He was at Woodstock and had hitchhiked his way across the USA multiple times. His LP collection was ultra-impressive. I don't believe he was a nudist, though. In any case, my takeaway from knowing this good man was that he was all about, "live and let live," so long as you weren't hurting anyone.

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