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My parents were hippies and they managed a nudist resort in Caloifornia

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My brother and I were raised in a nudist resort and home schooled until high school. I never wore any clothes until then. Even now I don't wear panties and only wear shelf bras because I'm a C cup. This way my nipples show through my tops and boobs have a little bounce to them which guys enjoy. I can remember making a few guys erect as I would walk by at the resort and I had several sexual experiences there.

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RE:My parents were hippies and they managed a nudist resort in Caloifornia

Must have been wonderful. My parents were not nudist. And we were only nude when we went out to play in rain puddles in driveway cause mother said not to get our clothes dirty. We skinny dipped most aways. Up until age of 14 even with the sisters of my friends. Until our parents found out. Then all that came to a sad ending. We sure did not understand why. Parents must have had dirty minds. We use to know a wonderful lady.that trucked with her brother. She ware cut down T-shirts. She was not a bit shy.and I loved it . Miss her and her adatude. More people should be like those two

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