Nude In Nature

Here is a group for all nature lovers. For those who like to walk naked on the trails, by the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside and who want to share their experiences with other naturists

Love the pic!

Just adore the header pic for this group !! Right up our alley! R&H

By chance

has any nudist encountered with other nudist in the nature and later discovered that both are members of this group? That would be an exciting encounter, would like to hear such story

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To me, nature is being on the water

To me, nothing is better than feeling the sunshine and sea breeze all over while sailing peacefully on the sea. Just the sound of the waves and wind. That is nature t me.

A few places where I love being nude in...

I've recently joined this group and have enjoyed seeing the photos shared here by other members who share my love of being naked in nature, so I'm posting a few of myself nude in natural places. To me it feels so right to be naturally naked...

Free Hiking in the National Park

I enjoy going free hiking in the National Park that is close. There are no laws against nudity in national parks, but textiles may get offended seeing someone in their natural state. Therefore, I only go during the week when most people have to be...

Free-hiking, Lessons learned

I really became a serious free-hiker this year though I do enjoy just about everything outdoors, especially when nude! I am in very conservative Kentucky, USA, where I have many great places to free-hike, all which are all hilly and forested. I...

New member who loves to be naked in nature

Just joined the group so added a couple of photos. I love to outside naked in the woods, on the beach or wherever. Any time of year. Which in the uk can be a bit cold.

Best way to enjoy nature

If any of you have taken a look at my photos, you'll see that I walk the talk: i.e. I love to be nude in nature. As far as I'm concerned there is no better way to experience nature than being out in it nude. Of course, I am referring to...


We are nude every minute possible!!

nature setting

Hi all, just posted pic in media and i know its not quite nature setting but it is looked over, quite often lo, shall endeavour to post some more hiking trips in near future x


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