Nude Parties

This group is for Nudists that loves to party in the nude. Braai (BBQ), skinny dips, playing games, outdoors, indoors, dance parties, etc. :) So all you nude party animals - Have a fantastic nude party next time !!! Here you can meet other nudists that loves nude parties just like yourself.

The BEST Nude Party

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Planner or participant, what is your idea of the ideal nude party?

For me, it's all about the entrance and how quickly I can get out of my clothes. However, not everyone is okay with me getting undressed at the door, so I like to know something ahead of time.

Is there a location where clothing is taken off? How public or private is that area?

But aside from that, as long as I get to hang naked with people in non-sexual settings and chill, then I'm good.

What do you look for in the party? Could it be the food? The people? The purpose/theme (like a dance party)? Looking forward to reading your answers.

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RE:The BEST Nude Party

Usually there is a room you can take your clothes off in. the door is always left open and people are in and out the entire time, because they are getting naked in that room too, and that is where all their stuff is.

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RE:The BEST Nude Party

For me the best nude party would be where clothes are taken off as soon as possible, people are having all kinds of fun together and enjoying each others company. Share some beverages, good food, and let the night lead the way.

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