Nude Photo-Shooting

For females and couples, who are willing to participate for a naked or nudist photo-shooting. If we are enough interested people, we could make group-photos too.

Local models

I am surprised there are no local (Northeast Illinois, Southeast Wisconsin) participants for nude modeling.

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Looking for an artist volunteer to pose for me, will pose for you (photo or canvas). Prefer female but will accept a male. No pay, just exchange of services.

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I've been nude modeling for over 5 years...

And I LOVE IT! Given my lifestyle I have also done erotic and fetish modeling but just posing nude is so much fun and a lot less work. :) I have posted some of my work in the group gallery. May

Amateur photographer

Based in the South East of England I am a keen and, some say, talented amateur photographer of the nude and erotica. My website is and I would welcome amateur models of all sexes. Mike