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Running nude around Birkensee

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I like to run and during business trips I also like to find nude areas around the places I visit. In Germany close to Nrnberg there is a lake called Birksensee where nude recreation is allowed. In summertime the majority of visitors at the lake are nude. Old and young, a mix of all kind of nice nude people. This place is great for a run as well. I did several times running around the lake nude. One time it was raining heavily but I still ran without clothes. During the run I met some people letting their dogs out in raining suites and then I came running nude. All were very friendly and it was great to run nude in the rain for 10 k.

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RE:Running nude around Birkensee

That sounds terrific indeed. I wish we had parks like that here in the UK.
It is a great feeling to be able to run in the nude.

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RE:Running nude around Birkensee

Run nude is great. When it is raining it is even nicer to run nude and get wet all over.

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