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Full Time RV Companion Wanted

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So I have a pretty nice 5th wheel RV and I am traveling rather carefree around the USA. But I would really like to have a female companion to share things with. No strings or sexual expectation, just makes life simpler when it is a man and woman on the road and at most campsites, resorts, etc. I am widowed and would also like to company of a woman, believe it or not guys we get use to women in our lives and when they are not there any more it just isn't as much fun. I retired early and am financially stable/comfortable and have no desire to do anything but have adventures. I am leaving TN in a week and headed to NV where I am going to spend 3 months volunteering at a National Wildlife Preserve, that should be pretty neat. Then it is on to someplace warm for the winter, perhaps I will go to the Magic Circle in AZ. Traveling companions age isn't relevant but I don't want to be a parent or a caregiver any more. I am a Christian nudist and a semi retired Preacher/Pastor, just living my life to its fullest. I am drug free, quit smoking a year ago (but don't have a problem with it) and drink alcohol socially but not to excess. Oh must like dogs as I have two miniature long hair dachshunds and a border collie/blue healer.

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