Nude Truck Drivers

This group is for nude truckers across the united states. To let other truckers know about other camps and resorts across the u.s..

How many ?

Was wandering about driving nude , I do drive nude in my rig and in my pick up truck from time to time. With this in mind , how many do drive ther rigs in the nude ? How many drive there personal cars, pick ups, vans , ect. in the nude ? After all...

Driving your Rig while nude ?

Has anyone other that myself ever driven your rig in the nude ? I have logged many miles driving nude. Keeping in mind to cover while passing , or being passed by others that are the same hight as me. That wat I am not offending others. To me ,...

Next Trip

In the wee hours of the morning I will be headding to Savannah, GA. I will be driving nude as much as possible. I also like to see others driving nude as well.

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