Nude Vets

Nude vets male or female where are you and what branch

USA ret W 36 yrs

Spent 9 yrs active duty in F 15 type IV PMEL the remainder full time air national Guard special program and ASOS

USN here..retired after 21 years

Morning all..just stumbled across this group here and great happy to connect with ya! Retired Navy vet..linguist for the Navy and Coast Guard. Traveled all over..shore, ship, and in the air from San Diego to Panama and in between.


I was in the U.S.Army from 1985 to 1995 spent 2 years in Germany and then about 8 months in desert shield/desert storm

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Hello I was in the Army 1983-1986 Ft Dix NJ,...

I just noticed this group and figured I join it. I was a 94 B Army cook, As stated above ft Dix, Ft Irwin, then South Korea. In 1985 I was with the 60th trans unit and we took 3rd place for best mess hall. Only 6 mess halls can enter this. We cooked...

Hello USAF vet here.

Was in the AF for 10 yrs . Started out repairing RADAR on F-4E, the crossed trained to Automatic Teststations on the F-15. Now live in northern California. Do audio/visual work in a casino.


Former Jet Engine Mechanic here. Worked F-16s at Spangdahlem AFB, C-5s and C-17s at Rota NS, and C-130s at Peterson AFB. Got out 3 years ago, and just finished my photography degree.

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USN - 1983 - 1987 (HM)

Spent all my time on shore duty. A lot of guys said I was lucky, but I really wanted to spend at least a little time at sea. I spent nearly all that time in the Portsmouth / Norfolk area living the life of a corpsman.

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USN, 75-81

Went to basic at RTC/NTC Orlando, EM "A" School at NTC San Diego, then Nuclear Power School at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA, and finally Nuclear Power Training Unit at the prototype for the Enterprise's power plants, at...

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Navy Vet 84-88

Navy Vet here, stationed in Norfolk, VA. Seen a lot of great places, and some not so great. I was in Libya in early 1986, and part of the Tanker War in the Persian Gulf from late 1987 till early 1988. My bes Time was going to a nude beach in France,...

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US Navy 1956 - 1960


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