Nude Wrestlers

A group for anyone interested in wrestling nude for fun or watching others.

Nude oil wrestling

Nude oil wrestling at Rosebay male naturist camp near Peterborough


Has anyone tried nude wrestling yet? I never have, but it does sound like good fun, I must admit I have thought of trying it but never had the opportunity. Therefore I would be interested to hear of any experinces any of you have had.

any fan of Naked kombat, Ultimate surrender,...

Hi guys, i am fan of watching erotic nude wrestling like naked kombat, ultimate surrender, evolvedfights , evolvedfights lez. Any similar?

watching videos

Does anyone else enjoy watching videos of nude wrestling, and chatting about it?

DC nude wrestling club restarting!

Hey, guys!! After shutting down for a year because of Covid, our DC nude wrestling club is about to restart regular meets. We ask that anyone joining us be vacinnated. Contact me directly for info. Details: We have a small but growing group of guys...

Naked wrestling in NY Hudson Valley

Interested in continuing to do this. Have one opponent, looking for others. Have a large property where we can wrestle outdoors in nice weather, or indoors any time. Contact if interested.

Naked People Photo Project

Hello, check my naked project out and send your photos if you want :)

Latest Post
New all male WhatsApp group 18 to 50

There has been a new all male WhatsApp group created where you can chat, make new friends and share experiences. We aim to arrange meets and events soon. If you are interested please tap on the link below....

Nude wrestling India

Anyone from India who like nude wrestling?

Latest Post
Naked Sumo Wrestling

Lately I've been really into sumo wrestling and hold my own "matches" using a big mat with a ring on it as well as my heavy standing punching bag that bops around.I follow sumo technique and rules to knock it out of the circle, and...


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